Jeg fikk masse spørsmål av dere alle og her er svarene ♥ På engelsk da det hadde blitt altfor mye tekst ellers ♥ Enjoy!

I got a lot of questions from all of you and here’s my answers ♥ Enjoy!

Q: What do you do for a living? A: I work as  TV editor, director and caster. I have been involved in some of the greatest shows in Norway ( in my opinion ) and have been lucky to travel alot doring this. Some of the shows I have produced; Paradise Hotel, Gullungene, Norwegian Hollywood Wifes, Gøy på Landet, Robinson, Farmen and a wole lot more

Q: What is your plans for the future? A: I plan to live a happy life with my husband and Little Peanut & my two dogs Turid & Georg. Hopefully our bag line will have great success. Life life to the fullest

Q: Can you please show us a pic of your tattoo? A: I will for sure post some more pics of my sleeve and show you later :)

Q: How did you start on your bagcollection? And where are you gonna sell it? A: I started to make fringe bags when I lived in Mexico filming a TV show for three months, I made some bags, but kept them all. When I was pregnant My husband found some of the leather from that time and started to play with textures – we both got hooked. The Bags will be sold online in March

Q: What is Little Peanut’s real name? A: He’s real name is Ludvig

Q:  What does your closet look like? ‘d be cool with some pictures, a little “in-the-closet” post! A: My closet is a mess! We have four big closets in our house, but it is no room for all my stuff. Promise to post pics of my closets this week

Q: I wonder what size your acne galaxy winter coat is, it’s so fine A: It is a size 36

Q:I was wondering, are you a sociable person, do you make friends easily? You must have tons since your very pretty and cool! A: You are to sweet. I am a very sociable person, and do make friends easily – but I have a few VERY close friends and a lot of acquaintances. My friends are my familiy and I love them for tollerate me as I am

Q: What kind of music are you listening to? Do you have any spotify lists you can share? A: I listen to almost everything – I grew up singing in gospel choires and has been on stage since I was 3 years old. One of my favorites are Nouvelle Vague. I do not have a spotify list – but can sure make one

Q: Do you have any favorite online stores to recommend? A: Some of my fav are Planetblue, Spanishmoss and ebay, I usally shop all my clothes online and most of it are actually vintage

Q: Do you recognize your readers? A: Absolutely – love that my readers are faithful and keep coming back. You are the reason why I am still doing this

Q: What blogs do you read? Columbine Smille, Hippiehippiemilkshake, Natalieoffduty, Stylebykling, and a whole lot of others. Do check out I love on my page :)

Q: Who do you think is the next “up and coming” blogger? A: There are some really great blogs “out there”, hopefully more blogs will succeed.

Q: Where have you bought the picture of Jimi Hendrix that you have in your living room? A: A friend of ours has painted the picture

Q: I am wondering about how you met your hubby, and how your life has been after Peanut arrived? A: I met Stefan in the Streets in Bergen while I was working for Farmen, a TV show in Norway. It was love at first sight. Life is complete after Peanut arrived – life is just the way it should be

Q: would also love to hear about what kind of jobs you have had and what your plans for the future look like. A: I have been working with TV like forever it seems. Started to present for a TV channel called Moox, been working as a reporter for God Kveld Norge, director for different Tvshows, caster for Paradise Hotel, Farmen, Robinson mm, Editor for Gullungene & Gøy på Landet and other big tvshows in Norway. I would really like to work as a producer some day – but love fashion – hopefully our bagline will be our breakthrough

Q: Did you make any promises for 2012? A: I made a promise to stop eating candy – on the 2 january I ate candy again. Life is to short making promises I can’t keep

Q:where would you like to travel? A: I would like to go back to the Maldives where I got married – the most beautiful place on earth

Q: Can please post some pictures of your home? Maybe make one of those “in my closet” video or record your absolute favorite outfit? A: I will post a in my closet post later this week

Q: Where do you find your inspiration? A: My readers are my inspiration, really. Love getting comments, thats what keeps me going. I also do read a lot of other blogs, love the 70’s and are inspired by navajo tribals

Q: What is your hottest accessories for 2012? A: That must be the Polliani bags – finally I have bags that are ME, with fringes, inspired by navajo

Q: What is your fav store? A: I love topshop and I always shop until I drop. I love the combination the store in London has – new and vintage – I can get lost in that store

Q: When did you first start to blog? A: I first started polliani.blogspot in 2008 – then on a couple of years ago.

Q: How’s Little Peanut? A: Little peanut are doing so so great – he is the second man in my life

Q: What clothing brands are your favorites? A: I love vintage, but love brands such as Balenciaga, Celine, H&M, Zara, Gestuz m.m I like to mix different brands and styles

Q: Do you have any favorite books? A: I love everything from Paulo Coelho

Q: Which movie can you watch over and over again without getting tired of? A: This is really embarrasing, But dirty Dancing is on the top of my list

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